Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Berke Gür

Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Mechatronics Engineering Department


  1. Recipient of the 2008-2009 Dean's Gold Medal for highest GPA, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell
  2. Co-recipient of the 2007-2008 Graduate Scholar Research Award, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell (Provost Fellowship, worth $33,075)
  3. Winner of Acoustic Society of America Technical Committee on Signal Processing Student Challenge 2007 (award $1,000)
  4. Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year 2006-2007, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell
  5. 2006-2007 Graduate Research Grant Award, Graduate Student Association (worth $1,600)Finalist in the SEM International Student Paper Competition (2007)
  6. Faculty of Engineering, Dean's High Honor List (1 semester) and Dean's Honor List (2 semesters), Middle East Technical University