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Selim Mimaroglu I am a Data Mining researcher, and a Professor in Computer Engineering Department at Bahcesehir University.

Research Interests:

Professional Activities:

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Software:



  1. Selected for Who's Who in the World 2012 Edition
  2. Recipient of the "Randall G. Malbone Fellowship in Mathematics and Computer Science" April, 2008 from UMASS Boston
  3. Recipient of the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science" May 31, 2007 from UMASS Boston
  4. "Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science" May 31, 2003 from UMASS Boston
  5. "Award of Excellence" May 19, 2003 from U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of MA
  6. Money Award September 12, 2003 from U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of MA
  7. I am recognized as "Communicator Community Leader" by Sleepycat Software (now a division of Oracle), January 2006


  1. "DICLENS: Divisive Clustering Ensemble with Automatic Cluster Number " Selim Mimaroglu, Emin Aksehirli IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Volume: 9 Issue: 2 Pages: 408-420 DOI: 10.1109/TCBB.2011.129 Published: MAR-APR 2012
  2. "CLICOM: Cliques for Combining Multiple Clusterings" Selim Mimaroglu, Murat Yagci in Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, Volume: 39 Issue: 2 Pages: 1889-1901 DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2011.08.059 Published: FEB 1 2012
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  8. "Mining Approximate Descriptions Using Rough Sets and Genetic Algorithms" Selim Mimaroglu in Journal of Multiple Valued Logic and Soft Computing (accepted)
  9. "Mining Frequent Item Sets Efficiently by Using Compression Techniques" in 2011 International Conference on Data Mining (DMIN'11)
  10. "Binary Methods in Data Mining" Selim Mimaroglu, Book ISBN: 978-1-109-01017-6, ProQuest/UMI Publisher (PhD Dissertation).
  11. "A Binary Method for Fast Computation of Inter and Intra Cluster Similarities for Combining Multiple Clusterings" Selim Mimaroglu, Murat Yagci ICCIT 2009 Seoul, Korea.
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  13. "Binary Sequences and Association Graphs for Fast Detection of Sequential Patterns" Selim Mimaroglu, Dan Simovici EGC 2009 Strasbourg, France. my talk
  14. "Approximate Computation of Object Distances by Locality-Sensitive Hashing" Selim Mimaroglu, Dan Simovici 2008 International Conference on Data Mining - DMIN08 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA p
  15. "Bit Sequences and Biclustering of Text Documents" Selim Mimaroglu, Dan Simovici ICDM 2007 Omaha, NE (KDM) BibTex
  16. "Clustering and Approximate Identification of Frequent Item Sets" Selim Mimaroglu, Dan Simovici FLAIRS 2007 Key West, Florida. AFISA Software BibTex
  17. Storing XML in Relational Database Systems, Using the Edge Table Approach (March 2006, XML Journal)
  18. b
  19. Getting to Know Xindice: An Open-Source Native XML Database (February 2006, XML Journal)
  20. Java Programming with Berkeley DB XML-Explained through Examples (January 2006, XML Journal)
  21. An introduction to Berkeley DB XML (December 2005, XML Journal)
  22. eXist An open source native XML database (November 2005, XML Journal)
  23. Generating XML from Relational Database Tables (October 2004, published at the XML Journal)

Talks and Presentations:

  1. Data Compression (available in ppt)
  2. Approximate Frequent Itemsets at the UMB Data Mining Seminar (available in pdf)
  3. Association Graphs talk at the UMB Data Mining Seminar, February 2006 (available in ppt)
  4. XML talk at the UMB Data Mining Seminar, December 2005 (part-1 in pdf, part-2 in pdf)
  5. Talk at the UMB Computer Science Department - Generating XML from Relational Database Tables using Oracle - November 2003 (available in pdf)
  6. Voice Case Information System - Talk about my development for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of MA - May 2003 (available in pdf)


Miscellaneous :

Graduated Students :

  1. Ertunc Erdil (August 2011) Aggregating Advantages Of A Set Of Clusterings Into A Final Clustering Using Object-Wise Similarity Graph - M.S. Thesis
  2. M. Emin Aksehirli (June 2011) New Cluster Ensemble Algorithm with Automatic Cluster Number and New Pruning Technique for Fast Detection of Neighbors on Binary Data - M.S. Thesis
  3. Huseyin Arik (February 2011) Fast and Efficient Frequent ItemSet Detection by a Novel Clustering Method - M.S. Thesis
  4. Arif Murat Yagci (September 2010) Novel Efficient and Scalable Methods for Combining Multiple Clusterings - M.S. Thesis

Reaching me:

Office: Computer Engineering Department, Bahcesehir University
Office Phone: +90-212-381-0555