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    1) Turk Telekom Acamey-Industry Collaboration Project: "Developing a Low-cost 3D Scanner for Digital Museums"

    2) ADORA Nursing Home Project: "Markerless Automatic Behaviour Analysis of Alzheimer Patients via Computer Vision Techniques"
    Previous Projects:
    Part-time, VICOMO (Visual Context Modeling) Project supported by EU ITEA2
    Part-time, VIPSAFE (Automated Visual Monitoring for Improving Patient Safety) by EU FP7
    Full-time, Future Footsteps, Digital Public Art in Haneda Airport, The University of Tokyo, supported by Japanese Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, 2009
    Internship, Developing a 3D Visualization Tool for Multi-camera Indoor Monitoring, Mitsubishi Research Electric Laboratories, Boston, 2008
    Full-time, Developing a 3D Moving Map Visualization Tool for Aircrafts, AYESAS, METU Technopark, Ankara, 2004
    Part-time/Full-time, Ecommerce, Semantic Web, Web Services, P2P Technologies related FP6 Projects, SRDC, METU, Ankara, 2003